If are experiencing some pregnancy symptoms and are considering abortion, give us a call.

At Options Pregnancy Clinic, we know that some women may feel like abortion is their only option in an unexpected pregnancy. Having a mistimed pregnancy is scary and the last thing a woman needs is to feel pressured or forced into making a fear-based decision.

That’s why we believe the best–and only–way to make a big decision is to get all the information, so a confident and educated choice can be made.

There is a Confident Strength in Making an Educated Decision.

In addition to having the control, freedom and peace of mind to make an informed choice, we also offer:

  • Pregnancy Evaluation & Confirmation
    • A lab-quality pregnancy test with 99% accuracy;
    • Ultrasound to determine:
      • Viable pregnancy 
      • Length of pregnancy
      • Any health and safety concerns for women (such as an ectopic pregnancy)
  • A medical consultation to:
    • Address any health concerns
    • Answer questions relating to pregnancy, sex, STD, etc.
    • Provide abortion information and resources
  • Community Resources including STD Testing referral

Everything listed above is in a safe & trusted environment at NO CHARGE & COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our medical professionals.

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