Sexual Health Education

In addition to becoming pregnant—if your sexually active—you are at risk for acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. Here’s some facts:

  • 1 out of 5 Americans are infected with an STD.
  • Some STD’s show no symptoms, leaving many of those infected unaware that they have an STD. Without being tested, they unknowingly pass it on to others.
  • STD’s can be transmitted through sexual contact—whether touching or intercourse—orally, vaginally or anally and can be bacterial, viral or parasitic.
  • Some STD’s can lead to pregnancy complications, sterility, complications during abortion and birth defects.
  • STD’s, such as herpes and HIV, are untreatable and last a lifetime.
  • STD’s, such as Syphilis, can lead to blindness and death if untreated.

We care about the sexual health of the women and men in this community. Getting screened as soon as sexual exposure occurs so a diagnosis and treatment can begin, means the less severe and potentially life-threatening it could be. Not to mention less risk of potentially infecting others.

Contact us today to schedule a NO CHARGE confidential consultation with our medical professionals and get a referral for STD testing.

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