There are many reasons that women do not want to have another abortion. Maybe they felt they had to have one the first time.

Perhaps the first abortion was an unpleasant experience. Or, circumstances have changed, and parenting is now a viable option. 

Whatever the reason, other options exist. Options Pregnancy Clinic is here to provide the answers and services you need!

Do You Know for Sure that You Are Pregnant?

Before considering any options, you need to know if you are pregnant. Pregnancy symptoms can be misleading because they are similar to signs of the flu or that your period is on the way.

To be sure, our medical team can administer a free pregnancy test. If it is positive, we can schedule you for an on-site ultrasound. 

Our compassionate team will explain the options available to you, including the following:


Perhaps you do not feel this is the right time to parent a child. Adoption provides the opportunity to place your baby with a loving family. 

In Missouri, women choosing adoption have many rights. You can select the birth family (all carefully screened) and whether the adoption will be open (direct contact), semi-open (contact through a third party), or closed (no contact).

You may even receive financial aid for hospital fees, pregnancy expenses, and living costs. At Options Pregnancy Clinic, we can provide more information and referrals to reputable adoption agencies.


Circumstances are constantly changing. Now may be the time for you to start your family. 

It can be challenging, but help is available. Once again, Options Pregnancy Clinic is here for you!

We provide pregnancy and parenting education classes, as well as maternity and infant supplies and other items you may need.

Community referrals are also available for all your needs. We care about you!

Visit Us in Branson, Missouri

You don’t have to feel pressured into a pregnancy option you don’t want to choose. At Options Pregnancy Clinic, we will listen to you and answer your questions. 

No matter which option you choose, assistance is available. Contact us today!