An unplanned pregnancy can cause a lot of unexpected emotions. You may even feel pressured by your partner, family, or circumstances to make choices you would otherwise not make.

Sometimes, the pain of an abortion can take months or years to surface.

For others, there could be an immediate sense of sadness or loss. These women may seek abortion pill reversal, which is an option if they have only taken the first drug, mifepristone.

Regardless of how you’re feeling now, we’re here to help you recover. Contact Options Pregnancy Clinic to learn about our resources for post-abortion healing.

You Are Not Alone!

According to research, experts agree that some women do experience negative mental health impacts after an abortion. You are not alone in your feelings.

The studies determined four risk factors that increase a woman’s chances of having adverse mental health effects after an abortion.

They include:

  1. Being pressured by others to terminate the pregnancy
  2. Having existing maternal desires and not giving them sufficient attention
  3. Having conflicting moral beliefs
  4. Having existing mental health issues

If you were pressured into an abortion, it’s okay. Try to forgive yourself or whoever pressured you. Forgiveness can be a significant first step toward healing.

Where Can You Find Help?

The emotional pain is real. Here are some suggested actions you can take to begin healing.

  • Talk to a trusted friend or relative about your feelings.
  • Meet with a licensed counselor or therapist.
  • Contact a local church and see if they have help available.
  • Meet with a support group of women who are in the same situation.
  • Take care of yourself by eating right, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep.
  • Journal and write down your feelings.

If you have feelings of suicide, please call 988, the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. They have the resources to help you!

Begin Your Healing Journey

Healing is possible!

If you have had an abortion and are struggling, we can provide you with referrals in our area that can provide help. We are here to encourage and support you as you take steps to heal emotionally after an abortion.

If you think you might be pregnant, our experienced medical team can provide you with a free pregnancy test and ultrasound. We will also provide you with information about all your options. Contact us today.